I am strongly influenced by atmosphere and ambience. My penchant for travel, unleashed a passion for colour and shape, line and form, structure and experimentation. I initially recorded my visual contemplations on coarse rough-edged paper using traditional tools, but my technique has evolved to a more technologically based mode of producing work.

Movement has always been an inherent part of my practice, allowing me to easily transition to a new chosen medium. My digital canvas is free of the encumberments of tradition that are associated with the mores of painting.

My process consists of translating thoughts into documents. It is based on seeing beyond what is obvious, extracting elements from recorded, spanning from the mundane to the unexpected.

My work is non-representational, possessing an interpretive, emotive and expressive voice.

The depicted forms are softly contoured and refined, driven by intuition. Lines are drawn to create contrast, dynamism and energy.