Michael’s work has received much praise by all visitors at our show at the Louvre and our private collectors in Toronto.

His artwork, made up of soft hues and gentle colours, is sophisticated. The colours are transparent and delicate while the general atmosphere of the work is intense and vivid. Different levels of shades give dynamism to the structure and to the use of rapid brushstrokes. His brushstrokes move towards a very modern direction, creating new symbolism and offering the observer the opportunity to live an artistic experience that is dynamic and stimulating.

As a gallery, we are very proud to represent Michael in all of our art shows around the world.

bisa bennett
director / chief curator
artio gallery
toronto, canada

Michael’s entire artistic work, the protagonists are the colours that come to life and move within the space and sometimes emerge from it invading the surrounding space. In fact, the artist’s works are extremely vivid and lively. Michael has the ability to surprise, he is able to create works that collide with the soul of the one who observes them. The viewer is totally captured by the splashes of colour, by the movements they create, by the lines that like scratches are thrown on the works, decisive lines that end their path outside the works. Michael’s artistic work is changeable, sometimes the splashes of colour are still motionless, nothing and no one would be able to move them, other times they seem in constant motion, they break through the boundaries of the work and seem to run towards infinity space. Somehow the observer is called to fantasize and fly beyond borders, taking a journey into dreams and imagination.

All the entire artistic work of Michael is of great visual impact, a true concentration of sensations mixed with colors and thoughts, the viewer’s attention is reminiscent of the colours that sometimes meet and collide, with completely different shades and other times they seem to accompany each other, as if they were taking each other gently by the hand. If colour is the main element of the works, in the same way a co-protagonist is emotion, in fact every work transmits emotions, each one different from the other.

Michael’s work is certainly abstract, there are no shapes, figures or signs that recall contingent reality, the works appear almost otherworldly, they are intangible, they have a unique aura. The observer in front of Michael’s work is pervaded by unique feelings and sensations, the artist gives us a real sensory experience, in fact the viewer can discover beauty, emotions, dormant or forgotten memories and dreams.

Michael is able to make the viewer go on a journey, which begins in his works and ends in the observer’s heart, passing through the discovery of oneself, in fact the entire artistic work of Michael is a real journey. Michael’s works are a true concentrate of energy and possess a strong evocative power, ethereal works that have the ability to illuminate the space and soul of the observer.

vanessa viti
art curator
italy, france, netherlands, japan